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Internal Communication and Employee Connections

Communication is key in life, and essential in business. Is your team interacting at their optimal level?

Take the guesswork out of what resources your team needs, what skills they need to improve, and how passionate they feel about their current position.

The structure of ‘work’ has been irrevocably changed and we believe that is a good thing.

Continuing exploring our website to see how we’re at the forefront of organisation and employee evolution.

Key Features for Connecting

Discussion Forums

Your teams can use our forums to discuss projects, milestones or challenges that they're experiencing. Management may also utilise this medium to make informal announcements, and acknowledge employee achievements.

Employee Connections

The midday water-cooler chat has now gone virtual. Provide the social element especially for remote-working teams and watch your internal professional networks develop and strengthen.


Work doesn't have to be monotonous! Reward your employees for engaging! Shake things up in a fun way by having fun challenges and games which build team morale.
We can gamify your business and the reward possibilities are unlimited.

Event Board

Keep everyone in the loop by announcing important company events in one official, convenient place.

Internal Job Board

Post new and recently opened positions so that existing employees are aware and can apply if interested. Give them the opportunity for advancement before posting positions publicly.

Instant Messaging

Who doesn't enjoy the convenience of WhatsApp? Well, this is WhatsApp, but for work! Directly message individuals or groups in your organisation on your own unique app.